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Eileen Koval, CDBC, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA brings unmatched expertise to the Las Vegas Valley working with clients to reach their goals with difficult behavior and training cases that owners believed may be beyond help.  She looks beyond the approach of traditional dog training and obedience, incorporating behavioral science to create cutting edge solutions.  Many of her clients have gone through multiple trainers and veterinarians who simply thought solutions did not exist.  Eileen's rounded expertise and unique approaches have brought her attention as a global leader in the animal behavior and training industry, speaking at events and working with trainers, veterinarians, and clients internationally.


She looks comprehensively at the entire dog to help owners understand more of the "why" behind the behavior or training difficulties so we can identify the best solutions.  Sometimes, the problems can be multi-faceted.  Confident Canines LLC does not engage in high pressure sales tactics to hook clients for large expensive cookie-cutter training packages with more appointments than you need teaching skills that do not address the issues.  This is anathema to our philosophy.  Eileen creates customized training and behavior modification plans suited to the needs of your individual dog, your family, and your goals.  We encourage you to use as many or as few appointments as you need to reach your training goals, which can be booked individually or as a small group of appointments.  This also allows Eileen to help as many dogs and humans as possible with her skills and knowledge. 


Having a dog is not always easy, but Confident Canines LLC is here to help every step of the way. 

We do NOT use shouting, fear or intimidation methods in our training.  We do NOT use painful tools such as shock, prong/pinch collars, noise aversives, choke chains, or leash/collar corrections. 

Eileen Koval, CDBC, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, MSc


  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT).  Read about her certifications here

  • Eileen is referred to for training and behavior expertise by other trainers and dozens of veterinary clinics throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, including Aliante, Boca Park, Grand Montecito, Centennial Hills, the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, Green Valley, Aloha, VCA Blue Cross, VCA Nellis, VCA Hualapai, Seven Hills, Henderson, Mountain Vista, Southern Hills, Northwest, West Russell, West Cheyenne, Tropicana, The Vets, and others



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"I have a very anxious dog that is almost 4yo. We have tried absolutely everything under the sun for him with multiple trainers and I honestly thought we would just have to live with his anxiety and the bad behaviors that went with it. I contacted Confident Canines LLC from 8 time zones away and Eileen worked with me to help my dog. We saw a major change in him in just a few weeks. After 2 months, my dog has improved so much that he is doing things I never thought we would be able to do and is starting to enjoy the life we can provide for him. You don’t think that something as simple as sitting outside instead of constantly patrolling would make such a difference but it does. I highly recommend reaching out to her ❤️ Thank you Eileen for changing our life and allowing us to help our problem child live his best life with us."

-- Katie F.

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