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Destruction, Chewing, Separation Anxiety

Behavior Modification

Behavior problems typically gets worse over time, not better, so it is important to address them at the start of the issue.  The ways that we approach behavior issues affects long term outcomes, so it is important to work with an independently certified behavior professional.  Behavior issues are complex so two dogs may display similar unwanted behaviors, but the causes and solutions may be a bit different.  Arrange a Behavior Consultation with Eileen and receive certified, experienced help at a time that is convenient for you to begin addressing your dog's unwanted behaviors. 

The dog training industry and the terms "trainer" and "behaviorist" are unregulated, so anyone can open up a business and work with dogs.  Many trainers use quick-fix methods, such as shock collars (often called stim/remote/e-collars), prong collars, choke collars, and leash jerks to the collar that initially appear to stop the aggressive behavior, only for the dog's behavior to worsen exponentially in the long term.  What they do not tell people is that their dog will always have to wear the shock or prong collar (to remain under the threat of punishment) to hopefully keep the unwanted behaviors at suppressed.  It is essential to address the root causes of unwanted behaviors, taking into account the whole dog -- to include health, genetics, past experiences, fear, anxiety, socialization, environment, or other factors -- that may need addressed to resolve the issue in the long term.  Otherwise, the behavior issues will continue to resurface and worsen in the future.  


Eileen is a fully certified dog behavior consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and will address your dog's aggression issues with positive and humane methods.  Eileen uses behavior modification through positive reinforcement/reward-based training to change the undesirable behaviors that your dog exhibits.  Reward-based methods are the exclusive methods recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) and the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) for addressing behavior issues including severe aggressionThis involves teaching your dog new, more desirable behavior patterns, creating positive emotional associations with triggers that cause fear/anxiety/stress, and ultimately teaching him to make better choices.  Eileen will create unique solutions for your household to address the problem behaviors.  

We will NEVER instill fear, intimidate, or use harmful or painful techniques on your dog.  Instead, we teach useful skills using fun, relationship-building techniques.  We do NOT use shock or prong collars, yelling, intimidation, noise aversives, or leash or collar corrections.  Our philosophy is that we want and need your dog's cooperation.  We want him/her to perform the behaviors willingly, so that they can make good behavioral choices in various situations.   


Behavior Issues include but are not limited to:


Separation Distress or Anxiety, Noise sensitivities or phobias, Intense Fear or Anxiety, Environmental Sensitivities, Chewing and Destructive behaviors, Compulsive behaviors, Aggression toward people, dogs or cats, Nervousness, Leash reactivity, Territorial behavior, Possessive behavior, Fear of dogs/people/cats, Marking, Chewing, Digging, Chronic housebreaking issues, Running away, Herding behaviors in inappropriate contexts, Eating rocks, poop, or other scavenging, Resource Guarding, Nipping or Biting, Counter-surfing, Excessive Barking, Hyperactivity, Guarding the Owner, Aggression, Compulsive or Repetitive Behaviors (Shadow/Light/Tail Chasing, Blanket Suckling, Excessive Licking, etc), Body Handling fear or aggression

During a Behavior Consultation:

  • Meet for up to two hours

  • Discussion of your dog's behavioral, social, medical, and training histories

  • Set goals and discuss concerns

  • Evaluate your dog in his natural state and home environment

  • Identify any necessary safety or management measures

  • Develop a plan for moving forward

  • Gain a better understanding of your dog's behavior and needs

  • Begin the training/behavior modification

  • Receive helpful information and solutions

  • Possible referrals, as needed, to veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, groomers, physical therapists, and other pet professionals as needed to help you and your dog reach your goals

Behavior Consultations and other first time appointments are conducted over Zoom, but follow-up appointments may be done either in person or over Zoom.  In-person follow-up appointments must be at a location within 15 minutes drive of Confident Canines LLC (89143).  Follow-up appointments are usually every 1-2 weeks until issues resolve.

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