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Dog Agility Classes in Las Vegas

Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate/Open and Advanced/Master's Level classes

(maximum of 6 dogs per class)

Beginner Agility: Tuesday evenings 

Intermediate Agility: Thursday evenings

Advanced Beginner and Advanced/Master's class days to be determined! 

Group classes are held outdoors in Northwest Las Vegas on a full competition-sized groomed sand arena.  This surface is important with agility for providing shock absorption and traction as they jump/land and maneuver the course.  Proper shock absorption helps to prevent injury in our canine athletes.


Agility is an off-leash sport that requires the ability to focus on the owner through distractions.  To keep classes safe and enjoyable for everyone, dogs must be friendly with both people and dogs, non-reactive, physically sound, and have completed basic obedience to have a good recall in order to be eligible for our agility classes.  


Our classes use strictly fear-free, force-free, reward-based training approaches.  Unfortunately, not all facilities who teach agility take a positive or force-free approach.  At Confident Canines LLC, everything is done where your dog has choice.  We teach in a way where challenges are tailored to achievable levels for each individual team, and the environment is encouraging and positive.  Agility is an off-leash sport.  Ultimately, your dog will choose whether to stay and focus on their job in the ring.  There may be smells, other people, other dogs...other things they could choose to focus on instead of you and agility.  We train in a way to foster drive, motivation, and inherent value in the activity (and a positive relationship with you) so that they want to choose YOU and agility.  We do not force dogs onto or through equipment, but instead work to help them build confidence and attach inherent high value to doing agility with you.  


Training should improve animal welfare and the dog-human relationship, not compromise it.  

Contact us to join our waitlist for September Agility classes!


Not sure if agility is for you and your dog?


Most dogs that try agility enjoy it considerably.  You will need to be able to walk across a semi-flat outdoor surface, or possibly run on the course with your dog, but you do not have to be an athlete.  Many dogs can be trained to run through obstacles while maintaining a distance away from you.  Other handlers run alongside or ahead of their dogs.  Part of this boils down to your dog's preference and drives as an individual, but a large chunk of it is also based on how you train your dog on the course.  Some dogs are more successful than others in the competition ring, but a blue rosette ribbon is not the crowning achievement for all agility dogs.  It is the growth made during training, the bond made with the owner/handler, the confidence built, and the fun times that were had that are the real achievement for many agility dogs.  That said, your dog may be suitable for agility even if you do not anticipate he will be going to Westminster any time soon!  Here is what a dog needs to train agility safely:

  • Healthy weight -- being overweight puts significant stress on the shoulders and joints

  • Normal eye sight

  • Free of current injury or structural abnormalities (check with your veterinarian)​

  • Growth plates must be closed (we will set simpler challenges that avoid impact or weaves younger dogs)

    • Growth plates close anywhere from 10-24 months of age, earlier for smaller dogs and later for larger dogs.  Ask your veterinarian for additional information.  They can confirm growth plate closure with x-rays, if needed.​​
    • Puppies' growth can be negatively affected if puppies exercise heavily or undertake exercise with impact.

  • Cannot be reactive or aggressive toward people or other dogs

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Photography is courtesy of Danielle Hiltner Photography.

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