Mentoring and Coaching

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Eileen is available to share her knowledge and experience with trainers who are looking to branch into behavior work, those preparing for certification exams, and those who would like to further their skills.  It is of incalculable value to be able to talk and work through training issues and behavior cases with someone who is highly experienced and knowledgeable.  She can help you see options when you feel that you have tried everything and guide you to success with your clients.


As your personal mentor and coach, she will be available at our scheduled times for a phone call, Zoom appointment, or if local, an in-person appointment at my training facility.  We can review the cases you are currently working to give you insights and direction to help you address the issues quickly and effectively, yielding satisfied clients.  She can review your case notes and videos to help you learn to analyze behavior most effectively, and teach you new techniques for addressing complex issues.  She has a personal interest in helping you expand your knowledge, reach your professional goals, and grow your business!


Appointment topics include but are not limited to:

  • Working through your current cases

  • Discussing problem issues you have encountered on the job

  • Discussing topics of interest where you would like to expand your knowledge

  • Reviewing videos of your sessions to provide feedback

  • Review specific areas of canine behavior consulting, including history taking, canine body language, breed-specific traits

  • Talk about best ways to work with difficult clients

  • Guidance on writing case reports and working as a team with veterinary professionals

  • Review and prepare for certification exams

  • And more!

She can meet on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis depending on what level of support you need to reach your goals.


Single one-hour session: $120