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Introducing a revolutionary and kind solution for dogs that pull...

Gilly Halter

 =  Comfort + Safety + Natural Dog Movement & Behavior
for most dogs

Enjoy walks together!

The Gilly Halter (patent pending) is a comfortable solution that assists many owners with dogs who pull or lunge on leash.  It was created by a dog behavior specialist to help owners in maintaining physical control when there are significant size and strength differences between them and their dog while also being less stressful for many dogs than traditional head halters.  The sleek, minimalistic design is comfortable for many dogs compared to traditional head halters and especially those that do not enjoy wearing harnesses or other equipment.  Although reducing the dog's ability to pull was an important goal, she also wanted dogs on leash to be able to move freely, sniff, and engage in normal canine behaviors, which is important for dogs' psychological well-being.  She wanted walks to be something dogs and humans can enjoy together and to build the connection between dog and a TEAM. 


The Gilly Halter changes the pivot point when a dog pulls and moves it away from their center of gravity (the chest), which reduces the force with which they can pull on leash.  This is not the end solution in itself.  Reward-based training is still essential to properly address why a dog is pulling or lunging and to teach desirable behavior on leash (see our infographic and video showing reward-based training to teach a loose leash walk).  But the Gilly Halter can help make this training possible for many dogs and owners.  If your dog has serious issues on walks or exhibits aggression, fear, anxiety or stress, please contact your veterinarian and a qualified animal behavior professional.  The Gilly Halter will not solve serious behavior issues.  However, it can also be important to take precautions with equipment like the Gilly Halter, which may assist owners in maintaining control of their dog by reducing their ability to pull.  Pulling or lunging can be serious and could result in injury to the owner or injury to the dog if they become loose.  Always talk first with your veterinarian prior to purchasing or using the Gilly Halter (or any new equipment) to make sure they are suitable for you and your individual dog.  

The beginning...

Eileen's youngest dog, Gilgamesh (featured in the photos), was easing slowly back into normal activities after months of physical therapy rehabilitation for an agility injury during which he was on strict rest.  He could not go on walks or play during this time.  When they finally started going on walks again toward the end of his rehabilitation, he was overly excited and lunging at smells, which was not good for his continued recovery or for Eileen.  Normally, Gilgamesh was great at walks, but they needed a solution to help keep everyone safe while they refreshed the training and reintroduced him to exciting environments.  She created her design and reviewed it with other professionals.  Then, she put it to use on dogs of different shapes and sizes to improve and finalize the design.


...and the Gilly Halter was born!


Comfort is important for both you and your dog!

Due to its adjustable design and allowance for natural movement, most dogs become comfortable within 1-2 walks while wearing the Gilly Halter (follow the outlined instructions for use that came with your Gilly Halter and the instructions and video featured on this page). 

Unlike some other head halters, it normally does not require lengthy conditioning processes prior to use.



Walks can be unpleasant or even dangerous for owners with a large or strong dog.

The Gilly Halter's unique design allows many owners the ability to walk their large or strong dogs by reducing lunging and pulling on leash.  Having physical control over your dog in public is important, but walks are about teamwork! 


Don't forget -- training is still essential!!  

See our video on how to use the Gilly Halter while training your dog to loose leash walk and build focus on you. 


***Only use with a 6 foot standard leash. 

Do NOT use with retractable, bungee or long line leashes.   


Natural Behavior
& Movement

The Gilly Halter allows dogs to engage in natural movement and behavior while reducing pulling on leash.  When properly fitted, the Gilly Halter allows dogs to comfortably sniff on walks.  It works best on dogs with moderate to long length muzzles.  With the leash attached to both O-rings behind the neck, it will reduce or stop pulling, but it does not force their head in any direction or inhibit normal movement.

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