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Introducing a revolutionary and kind solution for dogs that pull...

Gilly Halter

 = Comfort + Safety + Natural Dog Movement & Behavior

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Enjoy walks together again!


The Gilly Halter is a natural and comfortable solution

for dogs with leash pulling and lunging issues.  

The Gilly Halter (patent pending) is great for dogs who pull on leash and those dogs who lunge toward smells.  It was conceptualized and created by certified dog behavior consultant, Eileen Koval, CDBC, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA out of a need for a solution that would help owners while also not stressful for the dog.  Although reducing pulling was an important goal, she set the bar higher.  She also wanted dogs within that 6 feet of leash distance from the owner to be able to move freely, sniff, and engage in normal canine behaviors.  She wanted walks to be something dogs and humans can enjoy together and to build the connection between dog and a TEAM. 


Equipment like the Gilly Halter is essential because there are significant size and strength differentials between dogs and their owners.  No matter how well-trained a dog may be we cannot control what happens in the outside environment.  We never know when there could be uncharacteristic fear or excitement that could cause a dog to pull, which could result in injury to the owner or injury to the dog if they become loose.  The Gilly Halter comfortably assists many dogs and owners in keeping this safety and control in an unpredictable world.

The beginning...

Eileen's youngest dog finished rehabilitation for an agility injury during which he was on strict rest for several months.  He could not go on walks or play during this time.  When they finally started going on walks again he was overly excited and lunging at smells.  Unfortunately, the lunging and straining on the leash was causing him to overexert his hind legs that were still healing, and it was also hurting Eileen's back.  Normally, Gilgamesh was great at walks, but they needed a solution to keep everyone safe while they refreshed the training and reintroduced him to exciting environments.  She created her design and reviewed it with other professionals.  Then, she put it to use on dogs of all shapes and sizes to improve and finalize the design.


...and the Gilly Halter was born!


Comfort is important for both you and your dog!

Due to its adjustable design and allowance for natural movement, most dogs become comfortable within 1-2 walks while wearing the Gilly Halter (follow the outlined instructions for use). 

Unlike other head halters, it does not require lengthy conditioning processes prior to use.



Walks can be unpleasant or even dangerous for the owner with a large or strong dog.

Fortunately, the Gilly Halter's unique design allows owners to walk their dogs while significantly reducing or eliminating lunging and pulling on leash, but without the discomfort to your dog.


Having physical control over your dog in public is important, but walks are about teamwork! 

See our video on how to use the Gilly Halter while training your dog to focus on you during walks. 


***Only use with a 6 ft standard leash. 

Do NOT use with a retractable leash.   


Natural Behavior
& Movement

The Gilly Halter was designed by a certified dog behavior consultant in consultation with other professionals to allow dogs to engage in natural movement and behavior while loose leash walking.  Unlike many other halters on the market, the Gilly Halter allows dogs to comfortably sniff on walks.  With the leash attached behind the neck, it does not force their head to turn in any direction, nor does it inhibit their movement.

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Where Can I Get One?

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