Puppy Training

Get your puppy started on the right foot by building a positive relationship from the start! 


Teach your puppy the behaviors you want from the get-go!  Puppies as young as eight weeks can start training.  Eileen uses fun positive-reinforcement based techniques that will have your dog enjoying training with you, always wanting more!  Eileen will NEVER instill fear, intimidate, or use harmful or painful techniques on your dog.  Training with Eileen is designed around training useful skills using fun, relationship-building techniques.  Eileen wants to help develop a confident dog who knows the right behaviors and WANTS to work for you.

What kinds of issues are addressed during puppy training?

  • Socialization

  • Problem puppy behaviors (housebreaking, whining, crying at night, nipping/biting, chewing, destruction)

  • Basic obedience and manners

  • Focus on owner

  • Fearful, anxious or nervous behavior (let's build confidence!)

  • Sit, Lie down, Stay, Leave it, Drop It, Come, Settle, Place

  • Jumping behavior

  • Leash skills

  • Impulse control

  • Boundaries

  • Desensitizing to handling and preparing for vet and grooming visits

  • Crate training

  • Polite behavior in public settings

  • Issues between puppies and older dogs or children in the home

  • Guidance in purchasing appropriate equipment, toys, chews, and other supplies

Eileen provides appointments in your home or at a location of your choosing.  An appointment in your home is ideal for the first appointment and for puppies who do not yet have all their shots.  The first appointment is an Initial Private Consultation ($180) where training begins.  Continued training appointments are one hour in length and $120 each (Lake Las Vegas, Boulder City and Indian Springs have an additional fee).  We also have a package of six (6) Follow-up/Continued Training appointments for $690.



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