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Gilly Halter

 =  Comfort + Safety + Natural Dog Movement & Behavior
for most dogs

Fitting and General Use Instructions

Please Read Prior to Use:

  • Take the time to properly fit the Gilly Halter to your individual dog to maximize comfort and safety, and for effectiveness of use.  Follow the instructions above and also check out our video below showing how to fit and use your new Gilly Halter.

  • Do not overtighten the noseband!  Your dog should always be able to open his mouth fully to pant.  This product is best suited for dogs with moderate to long length muzzles.  If the noseband will not stay over the muzzle (as shown in the photos) then do not use this product.

  • If the Gilly Halter you ordered does not fit properly after adjustments or if you cannot easily connect both of the O-rings to a leash behind the neck then do not use this product or try another size.  

  • Heavily reward your dog during the first few walks as he wears the Gilly Halter.  Follow our instructions to to help your dog become more relaxed wearing the Gilly Halter and to teach loose leash walking.  If your dog has aggression, anxiety, fearful or stressed behavior, or other serious behavior issues, please contact a qualified animal behavior professional for guidance.  This product is not going to solve serious behavior issues.

  • Always inspect the Gilly Halter before every use.  Do not use if there are signs of defect or damage.  We do not offer warranty on this product.  

  • Ask your veterinarian for guidance prior to use to ensure suitability of this equipment for your individual dog.  You are ultimately responsible for determining whether this equipment is safe and suitable for you and your dog.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Do not use with a long line, bungee leash, or retractable leash. Only use with a standard 6 foot leash.

  • Only use this tool as shown and intended.  Never walk your dog or have him wear the Gilly Halter with the noseband hanging loose off of the nose. 

  • Do not ever jerk, snap, or leash correct a dog wearing the Gilly Halter.

  • Remove the Gilly Halter when finished walking.  Do not leave the Gilly Halter on your dog when not walking on leash.  Do not leave the Gilly Halter on a dog while playing with other dogs.  This halter should only be worn on walks.


How to Fit and Adjust the Gilly Halter:

Please read the infographic instructions and the guidelines above, and then watch this video. 

***Dogs with a Prior Negative Head Halter experience:  If you have previously used a different head halter on your dog and it went negatively, it may take several positive experiences for your dog to realize that this is NOT the same thing.  Practice putting on the nose loop and give lot of high value food rewards.  Ease into eventually putting on both the nose loop and the collar around the neck with lots of food rewards.  


***Noseband Positioning


The noseband should sit far back on the muzzle -- behind (or right at) the outer corner of your dog's lips (see photo below).  You may need to loosen the triglide slides on the noseband so there is enough room in the noseband for it to rest angled across the muzzle in this position.

Gilly Halter Noseband positioning.jpg

Please note that the leash needs to be attached to your Gilly Halter for the noseband to stay in place.  If the leash is removed, the straps behind the head can move freely and the noseband may fall off.  When the leash is attached the straps will move less, so the noseband will remain in place if properly fitted, even when your dog bends downward to sniff.  If the noseband is not staying in place even with a leash attached, then the noseband may be fitted too loosely. 

Gilly Halter Loose Leash Walking Instructional Video:

Please read the infographic instructions and the guidelines above, and then watch this video.

Help your dog relax wearing the Gilly Halter and teach loose leash walking...positively!

If your dog has serious issues on walks or other signs of serious behavior issues like fear, anxiety, aggression or stress then contact your veterinarian and a qualified animal behavior professional.  The Gilly Halter will not solve serious behavior issues.

Need Additional Help with Adjustments, Fitting or Sizing? 

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