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Available Webinars

Veterinary Teams: Behavior, Body Language, and Bridging the Gap Between Behavior and Medicine


~3 hours (5 modules total)

3 months of access

Suitable for veterinary clinics and also trainers branching into behavior work.

These presentations discuss how we identify and evaluate problem behaviors, information on dominance in dog behavior and why it matters, studies against the use of punishment, how we use the Humane Hierarchy, the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare in evaluateing behavior cases, a detailed breakdown of dog body language and behavior, guarding behavior, trainer vs behaviorist vs veterinary behaviorist (which one do I need?) and how to bridge the gap between behavior and medicine.

Snake Avoidance Training through Positive Reinforcement -- Designed for the off-leash dog

$75 for three modules

~2 hours of training/videos

Unlimited access 


Teaching Off-Leash Boundaries -- Force Free Methods

This course was created for the Canadian APDT (CAPDT) for their membership and is now available here to the general public.  This teaches foundation behaviors and instructions for how to apply them for training dogs with fenceless property boundaries, staying off the sofa, staying out of the kitchen/hallway, and avoidance of wildlife (sheep, toads, snakes, etc).


~1.25 hours of training/videos

3 months of access 


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