Group Classes &

Private Agility Lessons

Agility classes and private lessons will resume in September when the temperatures begin to cool off.



Eileen offers group classes and private agility lessons at the arena with weekday and evening times to suit your busy schedule.  Private lessons are perfect for those handlers who have reactive or nervous dogs who are not yet ready for a class environment, and those who may want a little one-on-one attention to work through a challenge.  Private lessons are a great value for those with multiple dogs, as the fee is the same regardless of the number of dogs being worked during the lesson.

Private lessons are $70/hour.

We offer Beginner Agility, Skills & Drills, and Handling Techniques group classes.  These classes are for dogs who can work comfortably in a group class environment.  Protection or bitework trained dogs are only allowed in private lessons and are required to wear a muzzle.

Group Classes are $170 per six week session.