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Service Dog

Service Dog Training

UPDATE:  We are not longer offering Service Dog Training at this time.

Eileen offers service dog training for individual owners who wish to train their own dog to mitigate their disability.  Not everyone is able to get access to an already trained dog from a program due to long waiting lists or the huge expense.  Certified private trainers like those at Confident Canines are essential to those with disabilities to ensure all those who need a service dog can access proper training.  Group classes frequently do not give enough guidance to teams on how to work with their unique issues.  Eileen's training emphasizes handler focus, socialization, and cooperative teamwork.  Eileen believes that a strong, healthy bond between dog and handler is an essential part of the dog's drive to work, and therefore as essential as the training itself. 


The training involves socialization, obedience skills, impulse/stimulus control, public access, and the specific training to mitigate the disability.  This process frequently takes 1.5 years, although this may be shorter or longer for some dog-handler teams.   Many dogs -- while wonderful pets -- may not be suitable for the demanding job.  Confident Canines trains dogs to help those with many disabilities, but at this time, we do not train guide dogs for the blind, mobility assistance dogs, or dogs for those with autism.  We DO train scent-based medical alert for a variety of conditions.  



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Waiting for the Bus
A blind person is led by her golden retriever guide dog during the last training for the d
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