Begins Apr 10th at 6 PM Pacific Time.  60 minutes in length.  Is your dog glued to your side as you are quarantined in your house?  Our daily habits have changed, and most of us rarely leave our homes anymore.  Some dogs may have difficulty emotionally coping with us going back to normal work and social schedules, post-pandemic.  Some dogs may already be exhibiting signs of separation issues.  Learn ways to make small changes that will have profound effects on your dog's ability to handle separation.


This is a Real Time Virtual Online webinar that will take place on the video-teleconferencing app, Zoom.  You do not need a computer.  Just your phone.  The app is free for you to tune in and participate.  Participants will be able to see me and ask questions.

Is Your Dog Glued to You? Avoid Separation Issues Post-Pandemic