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Brown Dog

Day-Training / 

Alternative to Board and Train

This perfect option for busy owners who want to hit the ground running practicing new behaviors with their dogs.  

***** We are not accepting new day-training clients at this time.  Please contact us for private lessons in the meantime to get your dog's training on track to meeting your goals.

This day training program is a wonderful alternative to traditional board and train programs because your dog can stay in the comfort of your home and receive experienced, skilled training while you are at work or doing other things.  You can relax knowing that your canine best friend is having a fun time while learning and finessing useful skills.  Your dog will enjoy 3 one-hour day-training lessons each week training at your home or in a park.  This is less expensive than local board and train programs since your dog stays with you.  The process begins with an initial consultation to learn about what is important to you so we can create a personalized training plan that targets your unique goals.    


You can keep up to speed with what your dog is learning through updates you receive from the trainer after each training session, as well as a separate appointment every two weeks where the trainer will transfer the already trained cues to you.  This is an essential part of the training process since dogs do not generalize behaviors to apply to all people and all situations -- this must be part of the training process.  This is also why it is advantageous to train in your own home and not in a traditional board and train program where dogs are kenneled most of the day.  Your dog can learn and practice the behaviors where you want him to exhibit them the most in the future: in his/her own home and neighborhood.

We will NEVER instill fear, intimidate, or use harmful or painful techniques on your dog.  We want your dog to enjoy training because we want a dog who WANTS to work for you!


Step 1: Schedule an initial consultation

Initial Consultation (required): $110


Meet with Eileen to discuss your goals with your dog -- as well as any specific problems you are having -- so they can develop a personalized training plan.  They can then help you select the right training package to suit your needs.  

Step 2:  Select a training package

1 week package (3 lessons): $330

This is perfect for brushing up on skills or learning 1-3 specific behaviors in the home.  

2 week package (6 lessons): $310 per week ($620 total)

This is perfect for new puppies who need the basics, or for dogs who already know the basics but need better mastery of more complex skills.  This is for puppy, obedience, and manners issues, as well as minor problematic behaviors (e.g. crate issues, pulling on the leash, minor reactivity).  

4 week package (12 lessons): $300 per week ($1200 total)

The ultimate dream package!  This is perfect for puppies or dogs in need of training, helping them learn the basics (and more!) and taking those skills into public to learn to focus and follow cues during distractions.   

***Customized packages available upon request.  

Begin your dog's transformation today!



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