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Do you want to train your dog but would like a little head start from a professional?  This package is just that!  It allows owners to hit the ground running with training & practicing new behaviors with their dogs. 

Mid-level Package: 4 Private In-Home Lessons plus 3 one-hour day-training sessions  

Three weeks in length


(must be used within six months of purchase)

Behaviors Covered:

3-4 obedience behaviors or skills, including some work with distractions, and/or to address the outlined behavior issues.  

What to Expect:

Includes an initial consultation to create an individualized training plan that targets your training goals, and three weeks of training.  Your dog will enjoy a 1 one-hour day-training lessons each week with Eileen where they train at your home or in a park, while getting to stay in the comfort of their own home during the week, unlike board and train programs.  You and your dog will have an additional one-hour lesson at the end of each week so Eileen can teach you how to practice what your dog is learning.  This step is essential -- as is regular practice at home -- so that your dog will offer the desired behaviors when you give the commands.  The level of achievement from the training varies depending on the individual dog as well as how much owners practice with their dogs.  


This is suitable for new puppy/dog clients looking for faster training toward their obedience and manners goals, those looking to brush up on some problem areas, for those who want work in public with distractions, and those with behavior issues such as mild-moderate reactivity that need extra help from a certified behavior consultant.   Owners get to work with their dogs training new behaviors in the comfort of their own homes while receiving one-on-one support from Las Vegas' premier trainer.

Training plans are customized to fit your needs.  Common commands and skills include: sit, lay down, leave it, watch me, drop it, stay, loose leash walking, come, heel, sitting for greetings, sending to place, doorbell protocol, settle, etc.

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